4 Ways Every Business Owner can Use Periscope

I love it when I feel like I can really connect with people. That's one of the reasons that I joined Periscope in the beginning. I wanted to see what my industry friends were doing and I wanted to see it in real time! You can follow me on Periscope by downloading the app on your phone here and then search for @jordanbrittley! You will be able to see two of my videos since they were shared in the last 24 hours. All videos expire after 24 hours, so head on over there to take a look! All I will say is that Daniel makes an appearance.

If you're a business owner, I want to share a few ways that you can use Periscope to target your ideal audience. I am not targeting brides on Periscope, so my live broadcasts will be centered around business. The key with any social media platform is to make sure that it benefits your audience. Here we go!

4 Ways Every Business Owner Can Use Periscope - The Jordan Brittley Blog

Show behind the scenes

Showing behind the scenes photos and videos are great ways to get your audience excited and keep them engaged! You can see the proof here!

I photographed Jaelyn and David's engagement session Saturday evening and that's where I did my very first live broadcast! I introduced Jaelyn, showed David picking a flower from the garden, shared my film settings, and included me actually photographing Jaelyn.

Answer a specific question

Sometimes there are questions that don't require an entire blog post or YouTube video to answer! These questions often make great FAQ posts or PERISCOPE posts. It's easy to answer specific questions on Periscope and I have a list that I plan on answering soon!

Share what you're planning

This could be an idea, a strategy, or even a new product/feature! By letting your viewers hear what you're planning, you're giving them the inside scoop and letting them feel part of your brand!

Yesterday's broadcast featured me sharing what I'm doing to improve my instagram feed. It was a simple new idea, but I think that it was helpful to a lot of the viewers.

Tell your story

If you're going to tell a story, I suggest keeping it to 30 seconds. Viewers are going to have questions for you and it can become difficult to keep your train of thought while reading the comments. I haven't shared a story yet because I haven't thought of one that was just essential for my viewers, but I'm working on finding one!

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