4 Tips for Photographing the Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake - Photography by Jordan Brittley Photographing the wedding cake is one of my favorite things! Well, pretty much everything I do on a wedding day is my favorite. I guess I chose a career that fits me well!! I have noticed that editors LOVE a good cake shot… well, who doesn’t?! So if you want to improve your client experience, wedding gallery, vendor interest and publication portfolio, then this post is for you!

1) STYLE, STYLE - Like with every photograph that I take on the wedding day, I like to style the cake shot. This never looks like adding or removing something from the cake! However, if the cake has a pear sitting on it, I might grab two more pears to sit by the cake stand on the cake table. This helps to draw attention to the detail of the cake. I will also remove plates and napkins sitting on the cake table unless the detail tell a better story.

Wedding Cake - Photography by Jordan Brittley

2) LIGHTING AND COLORING - Consistent lighting and coloring is key to a great photo gallery. When a bride looks at a gallery and sees that everything is consistent, she will be confident that similar lighting and coloring will appear in her wedding gallery. So don’t slack off on the cake shot! If there is time and the cake shot would be better by the window instead of the dark room in the back, then I will talk with the coordinator about moving the cake for the photograph. I did this in the photo below and we are ALL happy with the results (me, the bride, coordinator and bakery)!!

Wedding Cake - Photography by Jordan Brittley

3) BACKGROUND - I always walk all the way around the cake (if it’s in the center of the room) to see which angle is the most flattering and fits with the scheme of the day the best. Always look for consistency in backgrounds!

4) DETAIL - When you are shooting digital, be careful not to blow the highlights and lose the detail on the cake. Both your bride and your cake designer will thank you for great details in the cake!!

Wedding Cake - Photography by Jordan Brittley

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