4 Housekeeping Tips for Working from Home

Housekeeping tips for working from home - Jordan Brittley PhotographyI have talked with several creatives who feel like their productivity is lacking now that they are working from home. They noted that they are distracted by the chaos of everyday life: the mess and the distractions. So today I want to spend some time talking about 4 housekeeping tips that help me to remain focused on my work during work hours.

Discipline, my friends. This list of tips isn’t a fix-all for the numerous distractions that happen when you are working from home. But I do think that you can minimize the distractions that come from household chores by implementing these tips into your routine. They have proven to be simple and effective for me! Ultimately, you must make the small choices to stay on track even when you are temporarily distracted.

1) TIDY UP THE KITCHEN! - At the end of every day, I always try to make sure that the dishes are put away so that I can start the next day with a clean slate. I also like making sure that the counters are wiped off and things are where they should be. When I go fill up water throughout the workday, the last thing I want is to be distracted by a dirty or messy kitchen.

2) KEEP A TIDY WORKSPACE - At the end of every work day, I clean off my desk and everything gets put away. Because I work at the computer for the majority of my work hours, I tend to look around (especially while I write). And if I am in the middle of writing a blog post and I see developed film that needs to filed (because it was delivered yesterday), somewhere in my mind I am slightly distracted. By tidying up my office at the end of every workday I can help myself to stay focused throughout the day.

3) GROCERY SHOPPING - Plan ahead for healthy lunches and snacks. Before I was pregnant, I was so bad at even eating lunch. Not okay. Take care of yourself: stay hydrated and eat well. I have noticed that just having simple lunch options helps me to stay on top of this third-trimester hunger. And when I am not pregnant anymore? Well, I still need to eat. I try to eat light, healthy lunches and snacks because I have noticed a difference in productivity. Don’t let a poor diet interfere with what needs doing!

4) CREATE LAST-MINUTE SIMPLE SOLUTIONS - 10 minutes before I start work, I like to walk through the house to see if there is a quick fix to something. I shut closet doors. I shut the door to the nursery (because it isn’t quite finished and when I see that room, I only want to finish it). I take any water glasses in our bedroom and load them in the dishwasher. I make the bed. I take the dirty clothes on the bathroom floor to the laundry room (hamper coming soon). Anything that might be a distraction later in the day is taken care of swiftly and simply.

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