4 creative ways to tell Instagram "Happy Thanksgiving"

Picture this: it's Thanksgiving Day, one of your days off as a creative, and you hop on Instagram to realize you don't have any content planned! Sound familiar? I have definitely been there and this year, I'm planning ahead! I have been brainstorming a few creative ways to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to Instagram and wanted to share a few ideas for your creative feed!

 How to Tell Your Instagram Audience, "Happy Thanksgiving"

1) Boomerang that dance

Instagram just released an in-app feature that allows you to use boomerang in your Insta stories. You'll want to update the app and get right on that because it feels like a .gif, but cooler. You can hold a pie and do a little dance. You can dance with your little one or your spouse. Are you picking up on a dancing theme? Ha! Anything with movement works really well with boomerang.

2) Style that pie

It's likely that everyone will be sharing aerial shots of pie. Which is so cute, right? You can join in on that fun, or if you want your image/video to stand out, you can try to put a spin on pie (or your favorite dessert). What story is your brand telling? How does pie fit into that story? If you can connect the two, you have a winning post right there!

3) Slideshow your thanks

I love using Flipagram to create mini slideshows on Instagram. I reserve it for special occasions so you can bet this is what I'll be doing on Thanksgiving Day!

4) Go "live"

Maybe it's a sappy video of you thanking them (you'll have me crying, for sure) or a fun video with snippets from your story locked in your timeline forever. Whatever it is, make sure that it's on point with your brand message & it adds value to your audience!

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BONUS:  Say thank you

It's not cliche and it won't ever be cliche to say "thank you" on Thanksgiving. Thank your audience and encourage them. Give them something - encourage them, build them up, and only add noise where noise needs to be added.

 Now, get out there are create your Thanksgiving content so you're not doing it on the day. Use an app like Planoly to schedule a photo and a caption so you can be present with the ones you love.