4 Blog posts every entrepreneur needs to read (and I didn't write them)!

I'm changing things up on here today! I am so thankful for each and every one of you who read my blog every day. I want to thank you by sharing some blog posts that have been particularly helpful to me recently. I hope that they are helpful to you as you continue (or even begin) your entrepreneurial journey! 4 Blog Posts That Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

4 Blog Posts Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read

6 Tips for Improving Work/Life Balance - This post from the Every Girl is a short and easy read on some practical tips for implementing balance into your life! It can be a struggle as an entrepreneur to remember to enjoy the life you're living. After all, isn't that why we started this adventure to begin with?!

7 Great Alternatives to Photoshop to Create Graphics for your Blog - What if you want to blog and you don't have Photoshop or don't know how to use it? This post is for you! I haven't implemented any of these ideas because I have Photoshop and use it daily. It did make me think about possible obstacles to other business owners who don't have access to the same tools that I do!

Banish the Guilt About Making Money - Michael Hyatt is always on top of things! I have been thinking about writing a similar post on the JB Blog and then I read this post and it is spot on! Why is it that business owners almost always have a problem making money?! If you can resonate, stop everything and go read this post or listen to this podcast!

How to Get More Facebook Fans - Let me say something and you tell me if you have ever felt the same way: Oh, Facebook. Sometimes I just feel stuck with my marketing efforts and this post from Amy is gold!