3 things Every Photographer Needs to Know about Bouquets

Bouquets. Aren't they just lovely? I think that every bride needs a great bouquet full of gorgeous blooms (hello peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and anemone)!! Florists put their hearts into the bouquets, so I have put together 3 things that every photographer needs to know about photographing bouquets! Here we go... 3 Things Every Photographer Needs to Know About Bouquets - The Jordan Brittley Blog

There is a front side

Unless the bride tells you otherwise, you can assume that the pearl-capped pins in the bouquet indicate the back of the bouquet. Also, the back will often hold less blooms so that it can sit next to the bride without any problems.

Remove broken flowers

It makes me a little nervous every time I have to remove a broken stem from the bouquet. But after spending time with florists on inspiration shoots, I have learned that they don't want their arrangements to look like they are falling apart.

As photographers, we can have their backs by gently removing the stem where it broke off. If the broken part is in the back of the bouquet, you probably won't have to worry about the broken stem making an appearance in the photos. However, if it's in the front of the bouquet, try to be mindful and avoid shots that would draw attention to that part of the bouquet!

The florist wants to remember the details

I have yet to meet a florist who wasn't detail-oriented! Florists are meticulous about their arrangements and analyze their work from all angles. So make sure you get a great overall shot of their work and then get a shot up close!

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