3 things every boss lady should be doing!

I think that there is too much pressure on the boss ladies. You don't have to do it all or be it all. I am a firm believer in your work bringing joy! Say "no" with me to chasing followers, likes, hearts, comments, an increase in sales, and everything else that leaves you weary. We were not made to chase after these things. It's no wonder we can get so burned out so quick! Instead, let's cultivate a simple life and love people well!

3 Things Every Boss Lady Should Be Doing

3 Things You Should Be Doing

1) Do what you love

I want you to get out a pen and some paper... right now. Write down every single thing you love doing! These things are a must. Marketing is important and building a strong brand is important but they aren't everything. You were created for more than marketing and producing great content or pretty things. Let your life be full of what's important and what matters to you!

I love going to the zoo with Daniel, cooking good food for my family, and taking long walks throughout the day! Sometimes I will go with Daniel in the morning and then we will all go as a family in the evening. Some of my favorite memories have happened on those walks!

2) Do what you have never done before

"You know those things you have always wanted to do? You should do them." - Lara Casey

You have the freedom to do what you have always wanted to do. You know that list that is sitting in front of you right now? The one with everything you love doing? I want you to add to that list all the things you want to do! Don't worry about what everyone else is doing. Silence social media so you can really think through what youreally want to be doing!

3) Write it down

Write everything down! You can do this on your phone or a journal - whatever you use, use it often! I keep something on my nightstand so that I can jot down the ideas that go through my mind during the night.

I like buying little white notebooks on amazon because I can stuff them in my purse! My phone is also full of long notes detailing different ideas. It's fun to go back through my scribbles and see what I have done and what I still want to do! And remember, you don't have to do it all. Pick the things that are important!

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A checklist for the Boss Ladies - The Jordan Brittley Blog (www.jordanbrittleyblog.com)

I want to encourage you in the everyday! I want you to take time for yourself to do the things you love - like wear a floral crown, have an office dance party, and wear PJs to work. I think there are times to get dressed for the day and times to stay in PJs, turn up the music, and marathon a show while you schedule social media posts!!

Here's to a week full of what matters! Learn something new, go for a walk, and do something that challenges you! Don't stay where you are because you're afraid to move forward - just take that first step in the direction you want to go!

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