3 Reasons You Should Create a Pricing Guide

St Louis Engagement Session by Jordan Brittley Photography Productivity and efficiency are key ingredients to a healthy and thriving business. One of the ways that I keep things streamlined in my business is through pricing guides! It simplifies my workflow and increases business sales with one simple hyperlink to a PDF.

A pricing guide directs potential customers back to your product, educates them on what they should be buying from you, and reinforces your brand. So today I am sharing 3 reasons that you should go ahead and create them for your business! Trust me, it pays off!

IT COMMUNICATES THAT YOU WERE EXPECTING THEM If you’re running an online business, you don’t have the luxury of making the client feel like you were expecting them in the traditional ways. I want potential customers to feel like guests! I think that pricing guides communicate that you want to make things simple for the client and you want to do business with them. It makes them feel like a guest of your brand for just a little while longer. And the longer they stay, the more likely they are to buy!


You can reinforce your work to the potential client by including images that represent your brand well. Make sure that you would want to produce the images again (lighting, style, etc) because if that potential client books you, they are most likely going to be expecting that kind of work!


I now have an email template that I use when responding to inquiries. The template includes a hyperlink to my pricing guide which is hosted on ISSUU. This eliminates extra time in my inbox and it gives the bride a unique experience. I have noticed that potential clients make decisions quicker with the guide. It builds trust and keeps things simple for them. And when they are in the middle of some hectic wedding planning, keeping it simple is a win for everyone.

You can view my pricing in the JORDAN BRITTLEY SHOP by clicking HERE!

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