3 editing adjustments every phone photo needs

Who doesn't love pulling out their phone for a quick photo? My phone is so full of images that I have trouble finding room for anything else! I have a baby so that might explain it (he is so cute)! Since your phone doesn't give you the option of manual settings, you photo could probably use a few edits!I like to keep my photos light and airy on my instagram feed and throughout my business. I don't think our photos have to be perfect to be shared, but I do think a few adjustments are fun! Here are the 3 edits that I use on every single photo!

3 Adjustments that every iphone photo needs - The Jordan Brittley Blog (www.jordanbrittleyblog.com)

(1) Brightness/Exposure

Some apps use the terminology "brightness" while others stick to the word most photographer's use: "exposure." I like to go wild with this adjustment! I probably increase the brightness by 50% on most photos!

(2) Contrast

Sometimes I pull the contrast down and sometimes I increase it as much as an app will allow! I think it's fun to play around with this setting because it changes the entire look of the image!

(3) Temperature/Warmth

I like really rich greens! I also don't love images that look burnt! After increasing the exposure and contrast, the yellows tend to look a little distracting. I fix this problem by adjusting the temperature to make the overall image "cooler."

Play around and find what you like! And if you enjoyed this post, I think you will really enjoy the FREE guide below! It's all about editing your phone photos like the pros!

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