2016 May Goals: Prune and Grow

Jordan Brittley's May Goals
Jordan Brittley's May Goals

April brought so much newness. We finished our garden, planted the little plants that we had grown from seed, and I propagated everything that I possibly could. We have basil, peppermint, succulents, and a cute little house plant just starting out over our kitchen sink. I have loved watching the soil open up to little plants!

I made a mess. I put my little spade into the ground and I made a mess. Friends, let me tell you that there is nothing quite as freeing as a beautiful mess.

The words for my 2016 year are "simple life." I was so resistant to this at first because I wanted the hustle. But God is so good to show me what I really need! I don't need more, more, more. I just need Him. I chose two words for this month: prune and grow. Are you noticing a garden theme here yet? Ha!

I want to prune and make room for new growth. I want to prune so that I can make room for long-lasting growth. I am going to prune so that I can grow.

Jordan Brittley's May Goals
Jordan Brittley's May Goals


It's time to trim, cull, and cut off. Hello, freedom! I will do this by cutting back on the things that aren't essential so that I can make time for the things that are!

  • Prune the basil and tomatoes! Obviously. Ha!
  • Leave my phone on the nightstand after Daniel goes to sleep. Spend quality time with Isaac! Just the two of us. No distractions.
  • People over routine. Say "yes" to relationships that are full of fruit! I want to invest in our friends. We love them so much and if we aren't careful, we get caught in a long checklist. I don't want an unfinished yard, dirty floor, or simple meal to keep us from spending time with our friends anymore! We are going to block off an evening/afternoon for friends each week so that other things don't fill that space!
  • Less TV. Read the Word, business books, and fiction instead of more TV. Learn. These things are life to me and it's time I treat them as such!
  • Simple dinners. I love cooking and experimenting! But I also love going on long walks with Isaac and Daniel, being in the garden, and reading before the sun goes down. I think it's time for 1-2 "fancy" meals (picture curried zuccini soup, red thai curry, or gyros) and a lot more salads!
  • Empty the dishwasher at night. I want to do this so that I can spend more time playing and reading to Daniel before his first nap. More rocking, more chasing, and more playing!


I want to do more of what fires me up! I love serving our family, resting, giving, trying new things, and being outside.

  • Celebrate my birthday!! TOMORROW! Guys, I turn the big 2-5! I will be a quarter of a century old!!
  • Learn to make Thai curry
  • Take a Sabbath each week
  • Throw Isaac a graduation party
  • Take Isaac to Wickman's Garden Village!There is this adorable nursery in Springfield that I just discovered. I spent some time there one afternoon and want to take Isaac back! I imagine us walking Daniel in the stroller and talking to each other. Talking is such a luxury these days!
  • Go see my grandma
  • Meal plan each week
  • Road trip to PA as a family and pick a word for the trip!