2016 July goals

This is the month that I launch the new JB everything! From a new logo, patterns, free guides, launch images, website, and headshots - this month marks the beginning of something so new. (Ahhhhh!) Goals take some planning for me these days! I used to dream up something that I really wanted to do and then I would just go do it. This was so evident to me while I was working on the #jordanbrittleyrebrand. It took planning, putting in the hard work, and answering heartfelt questions (even when I didn't want to) to get to this point. I was thinking of a time in my life when I didn't know how I would run a business with a little at home. And here's what I have discovered: it's wildly different and wildly better.

I run my business better. (Not better than someone else's - read this post!)


Wanting to spend time with Daniel and Isaac has forced me to be really intentional with this business! We don't take every wedding that comes our way. I just focus on taking the weddings that are the best fit for my business and our family. We decided to only take 2, out-of-state weddings this year and a total of 2 weddings each month (with the exception of this month - 3 weddings)!

#jordanbrittleyrebrand - Jordan Brittley Photography (www.jordanbrittley.com)

Brand bouquet by my sweet friend, Charity!

July Goals

Launch a well-done brand with grace and humility! This brand leaves me feeling so... vulnerable. I really feel like it's my heart wrapped up in bow. I felt the Lord calling me to narrow my education niche to serve Christian business women (who are also photographers). It feels a little nerve wrecking to step out and talk about something that isn't discussed in our industry on a regular basis! Kathryn of Creme Brands has been a dream!!

Work on writing how I talk. Don't put on a "writer's hat"! I noticed this in some of my Instagram writings earlier this month. Not to say that they weren't well-written, but I didn't feel like I was speaking with my natural tone. Or maybe it's that I was over-thinking my writings. I really want to write as if I were writing to a friend and not think about anything else!

Create Launch Marketing Plan! I'm less than 2 weeks away and I'm just writing this. This is motherhood and business and I'm choosing to believe that it's beautiful and still purposeful... even when it's delayed.


Create Instagram Marketing Plan for the rest of 2016! Yeah! I am so excited about this. This is a social media tool that I feel called to speak in right now. It's a great place for semi-long captions and snippets of life. I also really love snapchat: jordanbrittley!

1 social media free weekend! I am going to go a weekend without social media. I'm excited about this one, too. I have seen so much focus and refreshment from this week off social media. I have felt the Lord tell me to write on Instagram a few times, and I have followed. But I haven't been obsessing over my insights. Praise the Lord!

I really think the Lord wanted to show me how I used Instagram to relieve stress: mindlessly open the app and scroll, scroll, scroll. I also think He longed to breath life and give me a focus. I was starting to feel pulled in a lot of different directions on Instagram and I feel calm and free about it now!

Bride Newsletter: send out 1 newsletter for brides after the launch

This is new! I am going to have a Newsletter just for brides! It's going to include advice from other brides, tips for wedding planning, and how to live in the beautiful. (Look for that language - it's a huge part of the heart of my brand!)

Business Newsletter: send out 4 newsletters to photographers and business owners

I took a break from sending out regular Newsletters. I needed to figure out how to best use that tool in a way that served my audience. I'm tossing around the idea of using the once-a-week email to do a Bible Study together or maybe just point to an educational blog post. If you want to see my new logo before anyone else, make sure you're signed up for the Newsletter!

Go to the zoo!

Family tent time! I have been making small tents for Daniel and I dream of us all cuddling in the tent and reading books!

Send snail mail!


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