2016 Goals in February

I wanted more and more and more. I wanted to do a lot of things this month! Afterall, it's my first month back from maternity leave. Instead I decided to do a few intentional things very well! Phew! Let me tell you that it felt like I was pulling my own teeth when I started removing goals from my list for the month. I'm hoping that by changing my mindset with my business that I will be effective in encouraging other business owners, diligent in encouraging my brides, and present with my family! My goals this month are a little intimidating to me. They challenge me to spend my time well, to get in front of the video camera, set aside an entire day of work to just think, and to pour out. This month isn't about doing all the things. It's about doing the things I'm passionate about and doing them well. Here we go!

Jordan Brittley's February 2016 Goals

Record and publish 1 YouTube video

I feel called to record myself on video. Doesn't that sound so strange? I think getting on video will help me to express my heart to all of you, encourage you, share my own struggles, and be more transparent with my business.

Record 1-13 podcasts

I am laughing at the range on this one! The truth is that I just don't know how long each episode will take from start to finish. So I'm giving myself freedom to just produce 1 this month! And also - I'm starting a podcast, friends!!

Monthly Thinking Day

I am going to give this a shot! While reading Essentialism, Greg Mckneown points out that you need to give yourself time to think. He brought up that we don't get bored anymore because we are always on to the next thing. I am going to give myself 6 hours to justthink one day this month! I can't wait to share what comes of this time!

Narrow my audience to serve Christian Business Women

What?! I can't believe I am finally doing this. Do you remember how I was saying that these goals were challenging to me? Well as simple as narrowing an audience might be, it feels very risky to me! I can do this. And I can kick fear out the door with the last of my Ben & Jerry's (how do I eat it so quickly?)!

Invest in relationships that bear fruit

I want to invest. I don't want to simply react to a friendship. Instead, I want to cultivate relationships by intentionally investing my time!

You know those relationships that are just plain good for the soul? I feel like those relationships often take a backseat in my life so that I can help _________ or serve ___________. There needs to be balance in this area of my life! Time to invest in the relationships that are fruitful!

Compile home videos into one video

I want this to be a highlight reel of sorts! We got a GoPro for Christmas and we have been recording a lot! I love looking back through the videos to see how much Daniel has changed! I love that we have bits and pieces from our adventures!

Take personal photos

Think Daniel in the sink, playing on our bed, in his high chair, in red (love this color on film), and making a mess! I'm imagining him helping me plant flowers for Spring: a very curious and happy baby, dirt everywhere, and banging a pot on the floor! If you have other ideas for how I can encourage mess-making in my home, please share!

Periscope... weekly

I have missed Periscope! It just might be my very favorite platform. It's kind of exhilarating to do a live broadcast in front of the whole world! I feel nervous just thinking about it, but I'm convinced that this is important if I'm going to truly "pour out" in my business this year. I want to encourage, do personal coaching, and be transparent with these videos! And for those who have already asked, Daniel will definitely be making some appearances!

Watch the sun set once a week

I was imagining my life at 80. Isaac and I were in rocking chairs with our shoes off and our coffee in hand. Maybe there were grandchildren running through the lavender fields that covered the land for miles. Just dreaming here. :) And we were watching the sun set!

So... as it turns out, the sun sets every day. Why wait?! I'm excited to sit on our couch by the window and watch the sun set against the homes across the street.

Prepare social media images and schedule in Buffer

If you want to know about something that is working for me in my business, it's Buffer! I just load my posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Google + , and Pinterest! Right now I am using a mixture of Latergram.me and Planogr.am to schedule Instagram posts. I don't necessarily write the caption, but I do load the images so that they are ready when I am!

Send out the Newsletter

I'm excited to send this out! I really want to consistently send it out once a month (or maybe even twice a month)! I have been wrestling with what to include because I want it to add value to my subscribers and not feel spammy! I'm thinking about including a freebie in every Newsletter (like a cheatsheet)! If you want to sign up and receive my free branding guide, click here! This will soon be the best way for you to stay in the loop and receive my most valuable content!


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