2016 goals — even the wild ones I didn't want to share

Do you know that I have put off writing this post for over a month?! I love that these goals have been put on my heart for 21016 but they are a little intimidating to me! There's a lot of video wrapped up in these goals and I am a little nervous to record myself on a consistent basis! BUT.

I know that all things are possible through Christ. I'm choosing His strength over my weaknesses. I'm choosing what He has for me this year because it's going to be far greater than all the wild ideas I could possibly gather!

Jordan Brittley At Home

Simple life

I'm done chasing after the things of this world. I'm done chasing after the things that are popular in my industry: fame, 7-figure incomes, and being "the best." I want to make an impact in Jesus' name - not my own. The Lord has give me this passion in my heart to speak about a simple life. So I want you to know that you can be content right where you are. You don't need more followers, recognition, comments, money, or anything to matter. You already matter and you don't have to earn it!

A simple life for me this year looks like going to the zoo, chasing baby D through the house, reading on my Kindle, watching the sunset, taking vacation, going to bed at 10pm, journaling, praying for my family + business, and reading the Bible in the mornings.

Jordan Brittley At Home

Pour out

These are the two words that the Lord spoke to me when I was praying for direction with my business for 2016! These words have become so important to me. I am holding onto them and trusting that the Lord does use small beginnings. And friend, thank you for being part of this small beginning!


I wrote that in capital letters because it's a BIG word for me. I am working with an amazing designer this year! I am letting go of control so that my brand can really grow! I'm excited and can't wait to share bits and pieces along the way!

Send out a weekly Newsletter for Christian business owners! 

I have already sent out 3 of these Newsletters and it's made my heart so full. These little nuggets are going to include topics that I haven't covered on the blog. Why Christian business owners? Because I share my faith and how my relationship with the Lord impacts my business. I definitely think non-Christians could get great value from the Newsletter but I just want to be up front about the content!

Blog 3 times a week

You can expect 1-2 education posts from me each week as well as a personal/photography post! I have really grown to love blogging over the last year and am so excited to share my life + heart in this space! I am trying to write 5 blog posts each week so that there will still be content on the blog when I take vacation!

Post 12 YouTube videos this year!

Share content within social media platforms

Instead of always asking you to come to the blog, I want to share pieces of my post on social media! Click here for an example. I know that you're busy and sometimes prefer to get a snippet of information and then visit the blog later in your day! I want to make it easy for you to do that! You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get these posts!

Take 7 weeks of vacation!

Jordan Brittley At Home

Grow Instagram

I will be focusing on growing Instagram this year! Do you remember me talking about how the number of followers don't matter? Well, I truly believe that! I want to grow my Insta for several reasons:

(1) I want to speak truth into the lives of women who want to follow Jesus in their businesses!

(2) I want to build relationships with the women who follow me!

(3) I don't want to try to tackle every social media platform. Instagram let's me share my heart and doesn't keep me from my family!

(4) I want Christian women to know they aren't alone as they run their businesses!

So head on over and give me a follow on Instagram. Can't wait to see you there!

Cheatsheets and freebies!

Oh! There is a new freebie: "The Boss Lady Checklist"! How fun is that?! I want you to know that I was laughing out loud in the Starbucks at Target while I dreamed up this one! This is a fun set of checklists for all the boss ladies. Items may or may not include wearing a floral crown, hosting an office dance party, and drinking water. I will be sending this out in the next Newsletter so be sure to subscribe before Monday, February 29th if you want to be the first to see it!

Subscribe here!

Create a Devotional for my Brides!

Being engaged or newly married are wonderful seasons and they should be celebrated! I also think that you should know you're not alone when wedding planning is stressful, your focus is confused, and figuring out how to be married is hard work! It's the best kind of hard work and there are certainly days that feel easier, but it's definitely not all easy!

Let Go of My Limiting Beliefs

If I'm going to pour out in the way that I feel I have been called, I am going to need to let go of anything that stands in the way. This was my overall idea for the month of February and it's been so freeing! I am not limited with my time or resources! I have enough __________ to do what I have been called to do.

Periscope regularly 

Right now I'm Scoping every week! Hello to live broadcasting!

Jordan Brittley At Home

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