2016 April goals (aka don't clean, make a mess!)

My heart is swelling with each day right now. Maybe it's that I'm taking the mornings so slow or maybe its that we are finally sleeping! Maybe its that I'm in the Word each morning and the verses I read seem to flutter back into my mind throughout the day. Maybe I'm yearning to see our garden in full bloom! Maybe its that I'm learning what endurance means. There has been this call deep within me to understand perseverance and desire endurance. It's no easy task! It means putting in the hard work and working little by little each day toward toward the goal.

I look around at my living room - toys are scatters, pillows are everywhere, and the couch is shifted from its proper position. All of this "mess" because we are living life together in this space! I'm learning to redefine "clean" so that I can laugh, play, and tickle more. When I'm 90 years old I know that I will cling to the sweet memories that I make today.

Maybe I will find myself scrolling through the archives on my blog and remember that the Aloe Vera plant made it an entire year (still alive)! I won't care how perfectly styled my home was or how put together my life appeared. Oh, praise the Lord for setting me free from perfectionism! Now I want to live as someone who has been set free!

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Things I'm excited about this month

Throw Daniel's first birthday party!

Travel to VA with Daniel and Isaac + pick a "theme" word for the trip!

Dream up Daniel's 1 year photos!

Book tickets for a Pennsylvania trip in May!

Brainstorm spring + summer birthday gifts!

Plan a trip back to Colorado in June/July!

Kicking off wedding season + having our amazing editor back in the office!

Block off our strawberry patch + take care of the plants!

Taking a sabbath each week!

Trips to the zoo!

Make a mess + don't focus on keeping the house clean!

Invest in relationships that bring life!

Brainstorm how to pour out into the #askjordanbrittley facebook group!

Reorganize the laundry room!

I decided to be less specific and give myself more freedom with my goals! Instead of saying "Take x number of trips to the zoo this month," I wanted to leave it open ended. I just want to create good, long-lasting habits that bring life and joy. I don't want the pressure of heavy-weighted goals!

Here's to more freedom!


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