2015 October Goals

Happy October, friends! I can hardly believe I am writing those words. I have this vivid memory of Isaac and I sitting in the living room on New Years Eve. We were making a long list of, what felt like, crazy and outlandish dreams for the year. Now we are here, at the end of 2015, and making the most of those crazy dreams one step at a time. Daniel will turn 6 months old this month. Is it crazy for me to say that he is so old now?! Every day I just press my face into his squishy cheeks and breathe. I kiss his ribs in the morning and he giggles and then waits for me to do it again.

I know that Daniel won't always be waiting for me to kiss on him in the mornings. I know that we won't always be able to make his day better by simply walking into the room. This season that we are in right now? It's beautiful and I want to fully embrace every moment of it. Because one day I will be embracing another moment in another beautiful season.

I have been thinking a lot over the last month about fear. Boy, that fear has had me all tied up at different times. In fact, I would even say it has been a stronghold in my life at times. Fear is binding. Love is freeing. When I respond to others in fear, it brings chains. But when I respond in love, it brings freedom. This month, if I can only accomplish one thing, I want to choose love over fear. And if I can accomplish more than one thing, I would want it to look a lot like the goals below...

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Go to bed at 10 pm every night (except for wedding days) Block off a weekend for an anniversary getaway in November Schedule my maternity leave Book a family session Go to the zoo with Daniel + Isaac Go to the pumpkin patch with Daniel + Isaac 2-4 walks with Isaac and Daniel each week


Explore Agree and incorporate it into my workflow Finish my last video project for 2015 Interview Jenna for the blog Schedule winter coaching dates and the 1:1 workshop Photograph my sister's wedding (and the other 4 weddings we have booked this month) Develop our 2016 Instagram marketing plan for Jordan Brittley