2015 May Goals

Daniel Hosea - Newborn Photography by Jordan Brittley I'm holding our Daniel Hosea in my arms while I write. His cheeks are fuller than the day we brought him home. His socks don't fall off anymore. His fingers are long and like to pull on my hair. I stare at him each day and am amazed that he is still growing.

He holds onto my finger and looks at me. Not just at my hair, but at me. His looks at us in shock when we make strange sounds and he likes to be held while we sing to him.

The first two days of Daniel's life felt like weeks but the last two weeks have flown by in a way I didn't expect. Isaac and I are spending intentional time together and learning how to continue to build our marriage while we learn to raise our son. And right now, raising him mostly looks like making sure he eats enough, burps enough, gets kissed enough and has his diaper changed enough.


Hold our little Daniel as much as I want Go on walks with Daniel and Isaac Go on a date with Isaac Spend lots and lots of time talking with Isaac Read to Daniel each night Do a load of laundry each day


Shoot 5 Weddings Shoot 2 Engagement sessions and some portrait sessions Put great content on the blog Read a book from my 2015 list

Daniel Hosea - Newborn Photography by Jordan Brittley