2015 June Goals

Blink, blink, blink. That tiny little bar just flashes in front of my eyes and waits for me to type. I'm waiting for that wisdom that I need so badly while setting these goals. Part of me wants to just breeze through goal setting so I can get back to my list. But my list must come from my goals so I set them. I find myself not wanting to aim too low or too high. I want to be realistic but also challenge myself. There is a quote that might be familiar to you that involves shooting for the moon and landing among the stars. But I think that if you shoot for the moon you might as well land on it. So these goals are going to be full of the things that matter. I'm never going to regret making time to do the things that matter.

2015 June Goals - The Jordan Brittley Blog


Go on a walk with Daniel 4-5 days a week Take Daniel's 2 month photos Spend some time in a coffee shop by myself Go watch my sisters play softball Have friends over and cook for them


Put great content on the blog Finish all sessions and weddings from May Love on my clients with handwritten letters Push myself creatively at our inspiration shoot/engagement sessions/wedding Enjoy a two week break of no sessions and weddings Finish developing presets for Jenna to use while she edits