2015 January Goals

Missouri Winter by Jordan Brittley Photography_0001 Happy New Year, friends!! It feels strange that 2014 is gone. Yesterday I went through a series of emotions about having lived through this year. 2014 was the hardest year yet. So many trials and hardships. So much pain. But the Lord was faithful. As a friend of mine once said, “life is hard but God is good.” I concur. Growing is hard. Enduring the consequences of following Jesus in a broken world is hard. I am looking forward to 2015 because God is good and because He does work all things together for the good of those who love Him. THIS passage is on my mind today.

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”

That’s beauty from ashes right there. That’s hope in the midst of suffering.

Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up.” Psalm 71:20

I don’t have a word for the year yet and I don’t have my list of goals for the entirety of 2015 yet (so I will be blogging that later this month). But I know that wherever the Lord leads this year is going to be full of His grace, His peace and His hope. I want to look at Him in my suffering instead of at the world or myself.

Just like that I am adventuring into the new year. Full of actual hope.

Personal Goals for January

Let Love - Let His love consume me. Pain is real, but it doesn’t have to consume me. I want His love to be the thing that comes out of me and penetrates the hearts around me. I don’t want a desire to be accepted or loved myself to keep me from fully loving with His all-consuming love!

Start Decorating the NURSERY!! - YAY! I am finally going to have some time where I can squeeze in a project here or there. Painting and some intentional shopping for our little one!

Wake up at 6am - That’s it. Just do it.

Encourage Isaac - I want to be really intentional about encouraging my husband. I am going to create a list of ways that he blesses me so that he can read as I add more and more. This man really does bless me daily and he should know it.

Listen to a Podcast (weekly) with Isaac - We both love listening to podcasts! Any good ones that we should know about?!

Take a 30 minute work-break and go on a walk - I am really close to the last trimester and have noticed changes in my back this week. I want to take every available opportunity to be active during these last three months!

Enjoy this month with Isaac - Soon our lives will be drastically different forever. That’s just what having kids does to people. I know that we aren’t going to have the same amount of time for just the two of us in a few short months and I want to make the most of it.

Stay fixed on Jesus - I feel like there is so much to do before our son is here and I want to prep, prep, prep. But I think I am really wanting to do the things that will happen naturally with time. In those moments I want to refocus on what matters and pray. I want to give it all back to God - all of the fears.

Business Goals for January

Finish Making Things Happen by Lara Casey - I am loving this book so far. So much of her heart is shared on these pages!

Finish Goal Setting for 2015 - These goals will be modified and added to throughout the year, but starting with a clear vision is so inspiring to me. I am using THESE to simplify the goal-setting process. The POWERSHEETS help me to stay focused on what really matters and set goals that have purpose.

Create a Mentoring Guide (or Coaching, as Michael Hyatt would say) - This is for my mentoring clients! I have had several people book sessions for the new year and I can’t wait to meet each of them and talk about growing their business! I will only be taking a few more mentoring clients for January and February and then they won’t be available until July! If you are interested, you can find out more by clicking HERE.

Create BlogSheets - I need these so that I can stay organized with my ideas for blogging content! THIS will still be helpful, but I need something that provides some flexibility and a little bit more room for organization.

Finalize gifts for 2015 clients - This is one of my favorite parts of running a business! Who doesn’t love a handwritten card or a gift?! I am so excited to finalize the details for the year and get everything ordered for my brides!

Create a Personality Guide to Buying for my clients - I am not exactly sure what this will look like, but I have been keeping the content in my head for months and it’s time to put it all on paper. I am hoping this will simplify the buying process for my clients!

What are your January goals? Post a link to your blog below! I would love to read them!

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