2015 February Goals

Jordan Brittley Photography Each day is a new and unexpected adventure. I guess it always has been, but I have never really noticed just how unpredictable the days can be. Some days I’m sick and it’s hard to even walk into my office (like today) and other days I have tons of energy! But after being sick constantly for the first four and a half months, I am so thankful for every day where smells from the kitchen don’t send me running.

We have just two months left before our little boy arrives and we are (beyond) ready for him! The nursery is in the early stages of “ready.” Clusters of white line the room from spackling it just a couple of weeks ago. That was before I got distracted and we painted our dining room and kitchen instead. We don’t have any of the traditionally “big” items yet, but we have our little boy. And it’s taken some transforming of the heart for this planner and do-er to just be content with what the Lord has already given us. But I am… content.

I don’t want to live under any more “shoulds.” Not unless they are coming from our Lord! Somewhere during pregnancy, all of these mommy pressures started budding. And do you know where those pressures and insecurities came from? Me. Because I don’t know I’m doing in the sense that I have never done it before. But I do know how to love this little boy. And I do know how to follow God. And I do know how to live under grace. And I do know how to let my husband lead, who will absolutely be the best dad that there ever was. So instead of focusing on the uncertain and the many ways that I could fail as a mom, I am going to fix my eyes on my Jesus and live under grace and love this boy with a love that I didn’t know was even possible.

This February, I want to spend intentional time with Isaac. I want to ask the Lord to teach us hard things. I want to spend time in the Word and let my ears hear an abundance of truth. And yes, I want to paint that nursery.

Personal Goals for February

Go to my baby shower!

Send out Thank Yous to all of our darling friends who come to the shower!

Go to Wednesday Morning Bible Study at our Church - This time is so sweet to me. I didn’t go in the fall because I was so sick and I have missed these women!

Sell the last puppy to a great family - She is so calm, loving and just likes to cuddle. I know she will make a great pet for a great family! We just have to find them!

Host my Sisters well - Two of my sisters get to come stay with us over some weekends and I want to savor every minute with them! This means some intentional time. No working. Just soaking up time with them.

Host some friends well - I have two friends coming to visit before the baby arrives and I can’t wait until they are here!! It feels impossible to take off a whole week from my business, but I want to prepare in advance so that I can relax with them and just enjoy their company!

Schedule 2 dates (at least) with Isaac - We love driving in the car together. All those trips to Kansas City and St Louis? We talk the whole time. So driving an hour to and from dinner sounds like an amazing date night to us. We need to schedule these so that they actually happen!

Be Flexible - Yes, I love getting up at 6am and I love cooking dinner every night and I love having a sparkling clean house. Those things fire me up! But I want to be flexible and give myself some grace when they don’t happen. I want to eat some deli sandwiches for dinner and let the mess happen if it must.

Paint the Nursery!!

Business Goals for February

Read Making things Happen

Read Platform

Read 4 Hour Work Week

Create BlogSheets

Launch a Product - It’s been in development y’all! I’m working with a talented designer and we are putting the final touches on today! I’m nervous to launch my first product, but I’m just diving right in before I give myself the chance to say “not yet.” Let’s do this!

Sell 30 of those products in the store - Is that too ambitious?! I’m not sure where it falls, but it feels like a crazy big number to me. Here we go!

Blog every day! - And blog ahead of time when I can! I love writing on this little space and I want it to be encouraging to small business owners!

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