2015 April Goals

2015 April Goals - The Jordan Brittley Blog I have been thinking about my April goals for a while and they have been difficult to narrow down. What is really important to me? After all, our little boy will be here in two weeks or less.

The things that are important to me haven't changed but it's easy to let my goals get away from me if I don't have a clear focus. Solomon said, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." The vision for my life doesn't include going and doing so I can simply achieve things.

The vision for my life involves giving it all back to the Lord: my marriage, my son, my business, and everything else. In my 23 years of life I have learned that the only kind of full life is life centered around the One who breathes it into me every day. Everything else is meaningless: worry, anxiousness, failed plans.

This child has already changed our lives in the best kind of way. And in the same way that my goals in the past have reflected what I wanted for my marriage, they now reflect what I want for our family. 

The Lord has shown me throughout my pregnancy that He is not calling me to step down from my business. There were times that I thought that stepping away would be easier and simpler.

I wrestled with (or panicked before) the Lord because I felt like I didn't know how to be a stay at home mom and a business owner. And I still don't know. But as I have fixed my eyes on the Lord and His ways, that doesn't even matter anymore. He will show me the way. He is already showing me the way.

Business Goals

Shoot an engagement session Shoot a wedding Write and schedule all blog posts for the month of April

Personal Goals

Sit in the nursery as often as I want Focus on what really matters during labor Have a baby Kiss our son's little toes Read to our little one Photograph his little fingers Blog his newborn session Go on walks with Isaac and our son Go on a date with Isaac

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