2014 November Goals

Winter Pinecone by Jordan Brittley SUBMIT ALL ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS AND WEDDINGS FROM THE FALL - This is a HUGE project! Thankfully I am half way done (submitted and accepted) so I will probably have to share my workflow for getting published soon too! Google docs, my friends. Google docs.

FINISH THE LAST VIDEO PROJECT FOR THE YEAR - This video project is going to be one of my favorites to date. It got pushed back for several months, but I can finally complete the project and I can't wait to share it with all of you! Does anyone else love video days as much as I do?!

START BLOGGING AGAIN - Wow. Morning Sickness is no joke. Typically people get over morning sickness by the 14th week and are only sick for part of the day. Not true with me. I was sick 24/7 for 3 straight months. For a long while I struggled to even get out of bed because I never knew what was going to make me sick. Whew. I am praising the Lord that that seems to be (mostly) over now as I start the 18th week! Needless to say, blogging was the least of my priorities because I focused all my energies on keeping the business up and running and just staying alive. A bit dramatic? Haha! Probably so.

BLOG SOME BABY STORIES! - I want to share baby stories with you all! I want to share what the Lord has done and how He has fulfilled (and is continuing to fulfill) His promises to us. He is so, so good. And I have so, so many stories.

DECORATE FOR WINTER - I have never been so excited to decorate in my life! I have some energy and I just want to be decorating our little home and getting everything ready for the winter and the baby!! So the next couple of weeks are going to be full of wreaths and garlands and Christmas trees and DIY projects. And since I love getting inspiration from Pinterest, click HERE to follow along!

FINISH PLANNING OUR LITTLE BABY PARTY - I have ideas, people. Now it's just making time to make those ideas happen! I have created list after list and even a timeline! A sweet friend is coming over to help me set up everything and I feel so giddy knowing that she is going to be here to help me see it all to the end!

We are keeping this party "small." Just family and a couple of close friends, but I am so nervous/giddy/excited to be hosting a bigger group of people in our home. I love having people over and we get to have everyone here to celebrate this little baby!!

ANNOUNCE IF THE BABY IS A BOY OR GIRL!! - This one is for you! You can bet that I will be sharing our little news on instagram and Facebook soon after the party!

WRITE THANK YOUS - So many people have helped us through this season and since I can finally keep (most of) my thoughts together, I really want to thank them. Like snail-mail, heart-rooted kind of thanks.

CANDLE LIT DINNERS - I have been cooking/baking occasionally over the last week and I am so ready to sit at the table with my husband and talk over candlelight.

PERFECT THE CINNAMON BISCUIT RECIPE - This really just means that I need my friend, Kim's, recipe. Because she makes the BEST cinnamon biscuits.



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