20 Random Facts + New (Comfy) Boots

He makes me hot tea to drink and I make sure his clothes smell good. He unpacks the Netflix disc and I grab pillows and blankets. He is warm and I am cold, so I snuggle up against him and try to warm up. He turns up the volume and I kiss his cheek. He wraps his arms around me and I smile. And at the beginning of each day, I am so thankful to wake up next to him. And although I don't know how this leads me to 20 random things, I am going to share them with you anyway. Insert smily face here.

1) I always ask to watch one more episode from our queue. 2) We love to watch The Lord of the Rings. We had a marathon on my birthday. 3) I get sick if I stay up past 2am. 4) We don't like it when they play the same song over and over and over on the radio. Not cool. 5) I eat Ramen Noodles when I'm sick. Strange, I know. 6) Isaac loves to surprise me with gifts. && I looooooove gifts. 7) I love to Kayak. 8) We like listening to Ravi Zacharias while we drive. 9) I love sushi. Like WAY TOO MUCH. And I would be totally fine if we stopped saving for retirement so I could eat sushi several more times each month. 10) I don't care much for hot chocolate, but I loooooooove hot tea. 11) I love to make cookies, but I never really want to eat them. Unless they come with ice cream. I will eat anything if I get to have ice cream. 12) Somedays, I declare it to be my birthday. And Isaac goes along with it. 13) We got married when I was 19. 14) I hate being hot. More than most people. My little sister says it best: "When I get hot, I go crazy." 15) I really like to design things. 16) I could edit video alllll day long. 17) Song Freedom is a new favorite place for licensing music for videos and slideshows. 18) Vincent Laforet's Famous Footwear Commercial is one of my favorites. Like Ever. Watch it HERE. 19) I love to read comments. Sooooooooo feel free to leave one below! 20) I make REALLY good cinnamon rolls. Secret Ingredient? Butter. Mwahahahaha.

And because every post is better with a picture, here are my new pair of boots!!!! So comfy. *photo taken with the iPhone and instagrammed. Follow me HERE.*

New Boots
New Boots
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