2 ways to know if you need a business coach

I have to admit - coaching other creatives is one of my favorite parts of my business! I really want to see you succeed, friend. Maybe even more than I want to see myself succeed! Is that crazy? Ha!

But just because I want to see you take huge leaps forward in your business doesn't mean you should buy a coaching spot right away. Here's a question I get a lot from creatives: how do I know if I should book a coaching session right now? I totally get it! Let's break down what a coach does and then dive into 2 ways to know if you need a business coach...

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The point of a coach

Coaches can see what we can't while we're playing the game. Let's talk softball for a sec...

Let's say you just hit a line drive to right field and you're getting ready to round second. The whole way to second? Your eyes are on your coach. Does your coach have both hands up, a sign you should stay at second? Or are they waiving to get your booty to third? 

This is exactly what a coach should do for your business. You have your head in the game. You're focused on hitting the ball, then sprinting, and then sliding. When you don't have a coach, it's easy to lose sight of what's really going on in your business. It's hard to know where to spend your money, where to invest your time, or where to focus your energy.

Each coach is different, but I love to pull out the strengths of others and build custom biz strategies for each client. Sometimes that means they need to focus on a new marketing campaign with a focus on booking destination weddings. Sometimes that looks like building a strategy to go full time in one year. Sometimes that looks like developing a launch plan for every client you work with. I could go on and on - I seriously love this stuff!

2 ways to know if you're ready to book a call with a coach

1) You want to move from one very specific point in your business to another

A coach will help you get from point A to point B. I love doing 1 hour calls because we talk about so many things. A coach can look at where you want to go, and give you action steps to get there! Here are some leaps you might be thinking of taking:

  1. You're ready to hone your voice and market like you're just telling a story to your grandma.
  2. You'e ready to get published on a major blog.
  3. You're ready to start working with clients who are more obsessed with your work than you are.
  4. You want to share content through your blog, email, or social media in a way that converts.
  5. You need to be encouraged, refocus, and move forward with an intentional direction.

2) You don't know what your next step should be and you struggle to see your strengths

If you're feeling a little lost in your business, let me encourage you real quick...

It's totally normal to feel a little lost at times. That typically happens when you're burned out. I see burnout most when creatives are discouraged with their work or their success. This happens most when we compare our own story to the story of another. So lay down the comparison right now. You get to have your own story and it's a dang good story.

If you're in that place, a coach will be able to see your personal and professional strengths and develop action steps from them. You'll walk away knowing exactly what to do and what your personal measure of success should be.

Treat yourself to the FREE cheat sheet below to coaching yourself below! It's like a 5 minute call with yours truly.

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