2 ways to keep projects organized on your laptop

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There have been so many times in the last three years when projects have piled up on my computer. Completed projects, yes. But these completed projects were still taking up precious space. Sure, I had them backed up in other locations, but keeping my computer organized never made the organization list. I would wait until my computer was completely full before I started removing past projects and it was stressful every single time.

So today I want to share with you the system I have been using this year which has proven to keep me organized and my computer working faster than ever. Once I load the project onto my computer (using Image Capture for digital photo/video files and FileZilla for film files), then I start the sorting process.

NAME THE FOLDER First, I name the folder according to the type of project: Video, Wedding, Engagement, Senior, Family, etc,. Then, inside that project folder, I will continue to sort the files. Video files will end up in Final Cut and photo files will end up in Lightroom, so I have found that it’s just easier if they start out in different folders. There is an example below of where I go from here!

Engagement - Luke & Allison

----------Video ---------------Audio --------------------Usable ---------------Footage --------------------Usable ---------------Final Video

----------Photo ---------------Film ---------------Digital ---------------Final Engagement Photos ---------------High Resolution Photos

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Let’s talk about the video subfolders first! I cull everything from my desktop: if the footage is shaky, then it doesn’t get imported because I don’t want to work around that footage in Final Cut, but if I think the footage might work then it goes into the “usable” folder. I only cut the audio if it was accidentally recorded and for some reason, I have a LOT of audio clips of me walking, etc,.

The photo subfolders include the original film & digital files. Once in Lightroom, I cull & edit as needed and export with a custom filename to “final engagement photos.” I then export the high resolution images as well!

COLOR YOUR FOLDER As soon as everything is loaded onto my computer, I backup that project on an external hard drive and mark that folder with a red dot. As soon as a new part of the project is completed, like the final gallery of photos or the final video, I will backup that project again. Once the project is finished, I mark it with a grey dot and once it is completely finalized and backed up in all of the correct places I mark it with a blue dot. The blue dot tells me that the project can be safely removed from my computer.

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I hope this helps you stay more organized!


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