2 client experience touch points you won't want to miss

I'll never forget the first time I walked into an Anthropologie store. I stepped through the doors and I didn't feel like I was in the mall anymore. I felt like I was in someone's home! I looked down at my shoes on the gorgeous hardwood floor and followed my friend, Gert, through the store.

I also remember the first time I walked into a Starbucks. I was in high school and we were on a mission trip. I stood at the back of the line, unsure of what to order since I didn't like coffee. It was strange because I had decided before I walked into the store that there was no way I would order anything. I remember that someone from the Starbucks team pointed me to coffee-free frappuccinos. They called my name, I slipped my straw into the cup, and Starbucks is now a must for us when I'm writing or we are traveling.

What are these businesses doing that make them so different? 

 Client experience touch points you won't want to miss

2 touch points your client experience needs

1. Wow! experience when you walk in

This doesn't mean that you need to remodel your cute little shop to match Anthropologie's store this week. It's more than interior design and styling.

If you're an online business, think about your website as your storefront. What's the first impression? If you're a brick and mortar, think about how you can give that Wow! experience if people are window shopping or walking through the door. What does your brand smell like? What does it sound like?

I remember telling Kathryn that I wanted new visitors on my site to feel like they were just being hugged. While social media is important, it's only the invitation to walk into your store.

When I was selecting images for my site, I dreamt up this idea of telling a story through the images on the main page. But I didn't want to let the images speak for themselves. I needed to tell my dream clients exactly what they were seeing: "If beautiful imagery is the rhythm of my heart, your story is the song. We want to pull back the veil because we believe you can see yourself for the very first time in a photograph. You are living in the beautiful right now. We believe in sunsets that feel like private dinners. If there is something that is both tangible and intangible, it is love."

Client experience touch points you'll want to implement right away

2. Wow! experience when you leave

It's not enough to call your customer by name anymore. So, how can we provide a Wow! experience to our clients in a way that invites them back again?

Anthropologie puts cute little tape on your carefully-wrapped item.

Amazon delivers consistent, fast delivery and great customer service.

Apple gives you the computer of your dreams.

I have come to believe that the finishing touches are the most important. The experience when you walk in might be what makes you want to purchase something, but it's not what makes you tell all of your friends about it. What does your creative business offer? Present that in a way that points the experience beyond the time in the store.


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If you want to read more about client experience, grab a copy of Design Aglow's latest issue. They reached out to see if I would write a marketing piece and we went with an article that walks you through creating a Wow! experience with words...

 3 Client Experience Touch Points You Won't Want to Forget - Jordan Brittley Blog
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And how darling is this "Love is the best work" print from my friend, Kathryn?

 3 Client Experience Touch Points You Won't Want to Forget - Jordan Brittley Blog