15 before 15

15 in 15 - Jordan Brittley Photography This month has included more coffee shop adventures for Isaac and I. He is between seminary classes for the fall and winter semesters which means his schedule is more flexible. And even though I don’t hit my “off season” this year until March (and it will only last a month), my work is easy to take with me. It’s inspiring to go sit in a warm space with a warm drink next to tall, towering windows and do what I love with the man I love. I like it.

I am really excited about the New Year this year. With January comes some very intentional business on my part. It will be the first year that my business financial plan is fully implemented for the whole year and it will be the first year that my projections can actually tell us something about the business!

This year we are going to have a son!! We are going to go to the zoo and Silver Dollar City and build little things for his room and go on as many spur-of-the-moment dates as possible! As much as I am looking forward to the New Year, I am still relishing the time I have left in 2014. We have 15 days left today, so I am sharing my list of 15 things that I want to do before 2015!

1) Go see the Hobbit! We have seriously waited all year to go see the Hobbit and it’s finally time. Isaac and I are pretend movie critics and have a lot of opinions about the choices that the director makes as far as FPS (frames per second), the music and pretty much every aspect of filmmaking. It may or may not have something to do with my filmmaking background. Peter Jackson isn’t going to know what hit him when I see the movie. I kid, I kid. He obviously knows a ton about filmmaking (insert genuine smile face).

2) Read in the Mornings! I love doing my quiet time in the morning and transitioning into my work day with a good book and am so excited to get back into this habit!

3) Organize the entire house and develop a laundry system! It’s time for us to simplify our closets and get rid of the things that we just don’t need. We have SO many clothes that we just never wear! Plus, laundry. Yeah, I need to have a system for laundry!

4) Finish Staining Bathroom Cabinets! I can’t wait to take pictures and show you our little guest bathroom makeover!

5) Jordan Brittley Finance Day! Yay! I love working on business finances. Projections and setting the business (and us) up for a relaxing financial year. This means that a plan goes in place so that money doesn’t evaporate left and right. I want to be so intentional with every penny spent from my business.

6) Jordan Brittley Vision Day! You know that I am looking forward to this. Lots of exciting things are coming to the blog and business in 2015! Just wait!

7) Prep taxes so we can turn everything in on the 1st!

8) Personal Finance day with Isaac! Reading finance books and drinking coffee and dreaming just a little bit. So long debt (or at least so long large chunk of debt)! Reality: our house probably won’t be paid off this year!

9) Lara Casey Powersheets!

10) Sit in a coffee shop with Isaac and write down all that we individually and as a team! Then write down what we want for 2015! Thanks Nancy for the idea!!

11) Celebrate Christmas with all of our family! I love love love Christmas with family. And Isaac and I are starting our own, stay-at-home in the morning tradition for Christmas and I am pretty stoked.

12) Earendil, our sheltie puppy is going to have puppies! What?! Just a few days away now!

13) Pay off debt! We would love to see all of our debt disappear because we just don’t like it. Baby steps, baby steps. It can be hard for me to pay it off if I don’t have the full amount to cover the debt. So here is to paying it (ALL) off one step at a time!

14) Web Presence Plan for Jordan Brittley! Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, the blog and website are all being broken down into the nitty gritty this year. What worked and what didn’t? I will even keep my notes so that I can share with you why I am changing what I am changing and keeping what I am keeping!!

15) Just breathe. Relax. Enjoy the last of the year and embrace the new that is on its way with open arms. No fear. I will not fear.