10 Things You Need to Know About Blogging

I believe that a blog is a must for every business. If you don't start a blog, that doesn't mean that your business is going to tank. It doesn't mean you're going to fail. It just means that you are missing out on (in my opinion) one of the best ways to market your business! If you're on the fence, let me push you over today with all the love in my heart. And if you're on the other side, I will grab a step stool for you. When you're thinking about starting a blog, it can be intimidating. It's even more intimidating when you're trying to blog for your business while discovering your voice and target audience. Today I am sharing 10 things you need to know about blogging with the hope of encouraging you to move your business forward!!

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10 things you need - The Jordan Brittley Blog

It's always possible to make things better, so don't feel overwhelmed when you're going though this list! This isn't a list of to dos. Rather, it's a list of things that I have found to be effective in blogging! There's a ton of freedom for you, so pick a few things here and there and tackle them as you can (and if you can do it all today, go for it!)!

1) Regularly post to your blog

Okay, so now you have your blog! It's time to create content!! This may go without saying for some, but I think it's easy to let your blog sit there. If you have a blog, how many drafts do you have saved? Are you holding back out of fear? Get to it, friend!

2) Writing takes time

When I first started blogging, it took me a few hours to write a post. It just takes a lot of time to think of great content, write great content, and build graphics to support that content! So if you find yourself spending 3+ hours on a post when you're beginning, you're not alone. It gets better (and easier)!

3) Consistently post to your blog

If you follow any blogs, you are probably aware of their posting schedule! By consistently posting at the same time/day of the week, you will build trust with your audience. This will also help you to grow your readership! So don't just keep posts going throughout the year! Let your readers have something to expect from you on specific days!

4) Traffic starts out slow

No one told me that traffic would start out slow and I remember feeling so discouraged when I only had 50 (FIFTY!) users at the peak of my week. It takes some time to get the train moving, so don't give up!

5) Start collecting emails!

You can do this through an RSS feed, Newsletter, etc. I send out a monthly Newsletter (sign up here!) so that I can give insiders a peek into my business and shop. It's a fun way to create brand loyalty!

10 things you need - The Jordan Brittley Blog

6) Design matters

In my opinion, a well designed blog is going to attract more readers. In one of my computer science classes, we were going over web development and one of the important things that we talked about was usability. Ask someone who has never used your blog to try to do something on it and find things that need fixing! When in doubt, hire a graphic designer or keep things clean and simple!

7) Don't forget the mobile version

Several months ago I dove into my google analytics and looked at all the details (there are a lot)! I noticed that the majority of my readers were viewing my blog from their phone. I hopped on my phone to see what it looked like and it wasn't pretty. I switched things up through ProPhoto and have something much more usable now!

8) Have an end goal in mind

Before you begin and as you move forward, get back to the basics! What do you love? What are you passionate about? Who is your potential reader/customer? What problems need solving?

9) Blog to a specific person

I am still trying to figure out how to keep things beneficial for my readers and still include my tone and personality in my posts! One of the things that I like to do is create my ideal reader and write to them, specifically! I originally heard this idea in one of Lauren Hooker's posts and it really resonated with me!

10) Just do it

You are always, always going to have a reason to not do something. So jump in and forget about the fear! The only way to make a splash is by jumping off that diving board.


I hope you're encouraged to get to blogging if that's what your business needs! Don't make any more excuses that will result in holding your business back!! Do you have a blog? What things did you not know when you were first starting your blog?

10 things you need - The Jordan Brittley Blog

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