how the Black and white
preset Suite works

The L&A Black and White Preset Suite holds 7 presets, which are divided into 3 groups. What are those 3 groups? 

GROUP 1: The basic B&W Preset (1 preset)
This is the preset you'll apply any time you want to create a B&W image!

GROUP 2: Add Light (3 presets)
We'll make sure your light is just right. Whether you love harsh light, soft light, or wash-out light, we've got you covered.

GROUP 3: Finish (3 presets)
Do you love a lot of grain? A little grain? Or are you more of a metallic B&W lover? Don't fret - we'll make sure your black and whites have their finishing touches.

see the presets in action...

Downloading & bonuses 

  1. Once you purchase the Black & White preset suite, you'll be given instant access so you can begin your download and get started.
  2. BONUS #1 - We'll walk you through installing the presets and give you a quick overview of Lightroom.
  3. BONUS #2 - We'll walk you through the presets so you can...
  4. Rock your editing!

IMPORTANT: (this in an intro price and it will change on February 28 2017 @ 12:00 am EST)

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  1. How much does it cost?
    The whole suite is $60 until February 28, 2017. The price won't ever be this low again.
  2. How many presets are included?
    There are 7 presets included in the L&A Black and White Preset Suite. The presets are broken down into 3 groups.
  3. Can you really apply multiple presets?
    Yes, yes you can. You can mix and match presets from the 3 different groups to build the look you love.
  4. Do you have Photoshop presets?
    We do not, but that's why we have a Lightroom tutorial for you! 
  5. Will you ever offer Photoshop presets?
    We have no plans to create Photoshop presets. We're about giving you your life back with 10 second edits and Lightroom is the tool for that.

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