You can call me "Jo!"

I blend fine art photography with documentary photography.I know there is a time to photograph the moments happening right in front of me and there is a time to direct and style. We take a limited number of weddings each year and love serving the St Louis, Springfield, and Kansas City MO areas. We love the emotion and journey of destination weddings and only take a couple each year.

My Love

If there is something that is both intangible and tangible, it is love.

inseparable hearts

It was the one with the blue ink that Isaac mailed to me for my 14th birthday. We fell in love in that first year and Jesus used that love to build a marriage that stands firm in His name. I am confident that Jesus gave Isaac to me because I can run harder than I could have without him.

If our love is a ship at sea, then God’s love is the wind that carries us over the blue waters.

Our Son

our favorite part of the day

Our son Daniel Hosea. He is an answered prayer - our miracle baby! We take long walks in the evening, gather herbs from the garden, and sometimes sit in fields of green for an evening picnic. Being parents to Daniel has made us even better at cultivating memories at weddings. We deeply cherish the relationships that extend beyond your marriage.


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  • 2002

    My mom buys a floppy disk camera

    I have a vivid memory of my mom walking out of the mall with a camera. I held it in my hands and looked it over. I couldn’t believe someone could take pictures and see them immediately. Somewhere over the next couple of years I became the family photographer! I always had that camera in my hands.

  • Summer 2005

    photograph my sisters at my grandmother’s house

    I still remember the photo I took of Jenna looking into the field. I was standing right next to her when the wind caught her hair. I stared at that image over and over again. I was so captivated by the movement.

  • Spring of 2006

    request admission into the digital imaging course at my high school

    I walked up to Mr Jones and asked if he would allow me in his class. He turned to my English teacher and asked if I was a good student. I thought I would have to show a portfolio of my work, but Mr Jones first priority was making sure that I could spell correctly!

  • Spring of 2008

    take photos of my little sister!

    I put her in one of my dresses and put my mom’s pearls around her neck. I hung a white sheet next to a tall, glass door. It was the first shoot that I ever styled!

  • Summer of 2008

    Senior photos

    My parents encouraged me to try to take my own senior photos. It was something that I wanted to do and I was convinced I couldn’t. I listened to their encouragement and setup the camera for my grandma during a summer visit. Those images set the beginning of a business in motion. I added a little “Brittley Photos” to every image that I took!

  • Fall of 2008

    start photographing other people

    I photographed families, seniors, and a wedding! It was something that was fun, but I still wasn’t interested in creating a business.

  • Fall of 2010

    get married

    Isaac and I got married on November 20, 2010! I fell in love with wedding photography that winter and decided that I wanted to start a business!

  • Spring of 2012

    Launch Jordan Brittley

  • Summer of 2012

    Move to St Louis

    We moved to St Louis so Isaac could get his doctorate in Biochemistry! He is brilliant and was moving through the program well when Jesus told us to move back home so Isaac could be a pastor.

  • Summer of 2013

    Move back to southern Missouri

    We packed our bags and all of our belongings and headed back home. I continued to shoot St Louis weddings and expanded to different markets in Missouri and on the East Coast.

  • Spring of 2013

    I’m officially full time!

    In that first year I worked to find my photographic voice and started getting published all over!

  • Summer of 2014

    I start educating other photographers!

    One of my favorite parts of my business is that I get to help other photographers grow! I write educational posts each week on my blog, share quick tips on social media, and I host coaching sessions and 1-on-1 workshops!

  • Now

    We are floored!

    We love our clients. They love all of the details but they love the people in their lives even more. And that’s saying something! We are passionate about each wedding that we take and we believe in making each one our best one yet.