Hi, I'm Jordan


A creative entrepreneur

photographer, and blogger giddy about helping you take and edit Light & Airy photos.


I’m a wife and momma on the daily and earl grey tea is my love language.

You’ll find me geeking out on psychology, googling how to keep small plants alive, holding hands with my hubby, and working from home if I’m not on an adventure with my littles.

I used to think that hours and hours behind the computer was the only life for a creative.

And making digital look like film? Not a chance.



I was still spending hours and hours editing every wedding when I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. A miracle baby. A baby that was said to be impossible. But as I watched my pregnant belly grow and felt Daniel’s kicks mimic my own heartbeat, I realized that nothing is truly impossible.



So I started doing the math. Did I mention I studied Math and Computer Science in college? Picture this: a bunch of nerds writing a computer program to send a robot vacuum cleaner through a maze and the winner takes the giant candy bar. Our team definitely won… because chocolate.



I worked through the math, created the first set of Light & Airy presets and tested them for two years. This is what I like to call perfectionist-meets-computer-programmer. When I finally launched the presets to the world, they were ready to change the way we edit photos.


10 second edits.

Light and Airy photos across the board. Digital photos that actually look like film.

All because of this mindset: nothing is impossible.


Nothing is impossible in your creative business.


That dream of yours? It matters. You were created on purpose for a purpose. I want to give you the tools and resources you need to fulfill that purpose. I’m talking business transforming tools, friend.

The same tools I used to go from I-have-no-clue-how-to-shoot-in-manual to being named a world renowned photographer by Style Me Pretty. The same tools that made Martha Stewart request to feature my work 5 different times in just a couple weeks.

I’ll teach you how to shoot and edit Light & Airy photos. I’ll teach you to blog so you can build passive income and actually go on vacation. I’ll share my motherhood and creative biz journey with you because I believe that all of our dreams should touch.

But mostly I’ll tell you this: yes, you are. Your God-given dreams should be lived, you are not limited, nothing is impossible and your life is significant.

all the hearts,


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