Nice to meet ya!


I'm jordan brittley

I believe in snuggles, car ride adventures with my family, and sharing absolutely everything I know.

Oh, yeah — 10 second edits are totally possible.


I’m a wife and momma on the daily and I'm a homebody adventurer.

You’ll find me geeking out on psychology, studying color theory and googling how to keep small plants alive.

Holding hands with my hubby and snuggling my two babes are everyday things around here. Also...

I believe in smoothie bowls.

I used to think that hours and hours behind the computer was the only life for a creative.

And making digital look like film? Not a chance.

light and airy preset suite story

once upon a time in 2014...

I was spending way too much time editing my weddings. From scratch.

Baby kick. Oh... did I mention I was pregnant?

Hours behind my computer when a baby needs snuggling? No, thanks. I trained my little sis to edit for me so it was basically smooth sailing, right? Ha! You know I'm just getting started...

free light and airy preset_0002.jpg

problem: we were doing it from scratch

Guess what? Then she was spending way too much time editing everything from scratch. Plus, I would have to go back and edit or re-edit the whole wedding because it wasn't just 100% perfect. You know how it goes.

Let's just say that whole "done is better than perfect" does not apply to someone's wedding photos. Can I get an amen? Mhmm.

She did a great job, but I kept wondering if there was a formula. A formula to make every wedding — with all the different lighting situations and locations and everything — look like bright and airy film photography.

light and airy preset suite.jpg

put my degree to work

You want to know what a computer science degree looks like? Picture a bunch of nerds writing a computer program to send a robot vacuum cleaner through a maze and the winner takes the giant candy bar.

Our team totally won by the way.

Back to this story...

I whipped out a piece of paper and started scribbling down numbers. Statistical significance. 3D color graphs. Analyzed the cause and effect for every adjustment made to a Lightroom slider.

free light and airy preset_0013.jpg

Eliminated exposure outliers.

Color graded with numbers and a 3D graph.

Scratch that.

Color graded for different types of lighting situations with a 3D graph: mixed lighting, sunset and something to give a looks like film edit.

There's a formula for absolutely everything and making digital look like film is now in clickable form. Aka Brittley™ Presets.

free light and airy preset_0007.jpg

Mix-and-match presets

In 2014, I created the first Brittley™ Presets full of mix-and-match presets.

Finally there was a clickable formula that would get my photos all light & airy and ready for a blog like Style Me Pretty.

My sister could actually edit for me.

As in... I could send the images she edited with my presets to Style Me Pretty and then BRIDES Magazine and Martha Stewart started reaching out.

How to plan a styled shoot_0039.jpg

Testing, testing

I kept working through the math and officially launched the presets in February of 2017. Why wait?

Because I don't think the whole "done is better than perfect" mantra should apply to the presets I give to other creatives.

If I'm putting out a product, it should be good.

You know that whole "If you shoot for the moon, you'll land among the stars" saying? When I was in kindergarten, I told my teacher that I thought we should land on the moon if we were shooting for it. LOL


10 second edits.

Light and Airy photos across the board. Digital photos that actually look like film.

All because of this mindset: nothing is impossible.


Your work belongs. Your life is significant.


That dream of yours? It matters. You were created on purpose for a purpose. And that purpose of yours needs a visual story.

That's where I come in. Whether you're a wedding photographer, small business owner, creative entrepreneur, mompreneur, or a momma, I'm here to help you take and edit your photos. If you don't have your hands on the free preset and the free guide — I'll teach you to shoot in manual! — click here, pop in your name & email address and download your freebies!

The same tools I used to go from I-have-no-clue-how-to-shoot-in-manual to being named a world renowned photographer by Style Me Pretty. The same tools that made Martha Stewart request to feature my work 5 different times in just a couple weeks.

I’ll teach you how to shoot and edit Light & Airy photos in a way that gets you back to your people. You know, that way you're only stuck behind your computer editing if it's because you're feeling inspired and you're trying something new!

Cheering you on,


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